Residential Project Watford

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    Residential Project

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  • Scope of work

    350 x 250 cm

  • Lamda Awnings were called to install this bright and cheerful canopy for a domestic property, just in time for the summer holidays. The awning professionals completed this project for a private client in Watford. Lamda Awnings installation team worked to install this easily achievable awning over a conservatory roof for added sun protection and shade control. The Watford customer wanted to cover their conservatory for the summer as it was getting far too hot inside due to the direct sunshine. The project was easygoing and went swiftly, resulting in a pleased customer.

    We used the Capri model from Lewens, our trusted German supplier. The installation, in total, only took one day with a complete clean-up. The build was 350×250; however, this system can go up to 550x350cm should you wish! This model has the added feature of being motorised and includes a control for easy use.