Residential Awning Installation NW8

  • Client

    Residential Awning Installation

  • Location

    London NW8

  • Scope of work

    Specially made to measure patio cover.

  • We got to create a unique piece for a beautiful high-end home. Our fantastic team of seasoned awning professionals have completed this Residential Awning Installation for a private client in London. Lamda Awnings installation team worked for more than one month on this unique and custom Residential Awning Installation to fit the client’s needs.

    The NW8 customer wanted to cover their back garden for a big upcoming anniversary party, so time was of the essence in ensuring everything was completed without a hitch. With a tree in the middle of their garden and landscaping which comprised multiple floor levels, the project was an exciting challenge that required rigorous planning and communication with the client.

    Our team made custom fabric pieces, travelled to the site and assessed how the installation would be carried out. They then took those pieces back to the unit to be tailored for a precise fit in this unique build. We are very proud of the finished result, and the client was very happy with how everything came together.

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