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Pergo Tecnic

Pergo Tecnic awning
Pergo Tecnic awning

Pergo Tecnic Awnings

A retractable awning on guides, the Pergo Tecnic is the ideal cover for every outdoor space. The sliding mechanism on aluminium guides pleats the cover as it opens and closes. Shading and water-proof, it offers sun, rain and wind protection.

The Pergo Tecnic Awning is our Italian-designed product from PRATIC. This awning is the ideal cover for every outdoor space, with a unique sliding mechanism on aluminium guides; It pleats the over as it opens and closes. Shading and water-proof, it offers sun, rain and wind protection. This retractable awning is simple to use and care for, making it a cost-effective shading solution for residential and commercial environments. With its many customisation options, the Pergo Tecnic awning is a practical investment for those looking for an entry-level shelter to fit their needs and space.

  • Maximum width 13000mm, Maximum projection 8000mm.

This retractable awning is low maintenance and easy to use

Robust and meticulously tested against 15 years of use, the Pergo Tecnic retractable awning is a stylish, low-maintenance option for those wanting to upgrade their property or landscaping dreams. This retractable awning will withstand British weather, with strong brackets, pins, plates and screws manufactured in stainless steel to increase strength and resist rust and built to resist wind and rain. Its fabric and mechanical components are made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, protecting them from discolouration, rust and moisture breakages. In addition, the sturdy front profile with a double hollow chamber helps to withstand English wind strengths, and the integral rain gutter prevents flooding or pooling on the fabric. 


  • Sun protection
  • Wind protection
  • Rain protection
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Five-year guarantee
  • CE marking
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Fire resistant fabrics

How to care for your retractable awning

This awning has silent trolley roller mechanisms, with no need for lubrication, meaning one less thing for you to worry about in the upkeep of your awning. Whilst these retractable awnings are easy to maintain, we recommend some primary care to help you get the best quality for the longest time. You can use warm soapy water to clean your awning fabric and metal elements but avoid harsh chemicals and scrubbing too hard; being gentle and taking your time is essential. As this awning does not retract into a cassette, you can leave it dry and use it as you wish. Once your awning fabric is completely dry,  we recommend regularly applying a waterproofing spray to top up the fabric’s protective layers. This waterproofing will help rain roll off the fabric and prevent mildew build-up. 



When can I get my awning?

We stock many of our products in-house, making our turnaround time on delivery and installation one of the fastest in the awning industry. So, when you order your Pergo Tecnic retractable awning, you can pick an installation date as soon as two weeks! Many suppliers can take over three months due to supply chain and imports, but our skilled team and process provide a better, faster service. 



Where can I install my awning?

You can install this simple and effective retractable awning on most good exterior walls, such as above french doors or over canopies. This product can also be retrofitted to existing frames or comes with aluminium lacquered profiles. When you enquire about your awning, send us a clear photograph of the location you are considering installing it. Our team of seasoned experts can tell from the picture if installing your awning in the chosen area is possible or if adjustments need to be made. In addition, providing us with other details, such as the available height, will help a smooth process. The height from the installation point to the ground is essential to our team in deciding the maximum projection available for your awning.

Relax in style with the vast Pergo Tecnic retractable awning fabric range

Whether you are looking to add value to your home or develop your property or business, the Pergo Tecnic retractable awning is an excellent choice at an affordable price and is a stylish shading solution. 


  • Preserved fabric protects against stains, UV rays, water and microorganisms.
  • The awning has pre-tensioned, fire-retardant, high-stability PVC fabric.
  • Plastic-coated Precontraint 02, Class 2 fabric, is fire-resistant and heat-sealed for added water resistance.
  • There are over 92 fabrics to choose from, including acrylic materials. 

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Bespoke crafted to fit your needs and design preferences, these high-quality, versatile awnings will enhance any property. In addition, you can upgrade this manual operation awning for larger structures to include a remote-controlled retracting mechanism for ease of use.


If you are interested in talking to someone about the Pergo Tecnic awning, please feel free to get in touch. You can contact us via email at or call our production plant at 020 8573 4752, one of our qualified staff will answer your query, answer your questions and provide technical information.


Have you had a Pergo Tecnic awning installed? Send us a photograph, and we will showcase you on our website and social media! You can also drop us a review on Google.

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