How do I get a quote?

The best way to get a quote is to send an email to info@lamdablinds.co.uk with pictures of your space and measurements. Our clients can also WhatsApp us at 07908626746.


Where are you based?

Lamda Awnings is based in Watford, but we provide installations and products all over the country, specialising in London.


Where in the UK do you install?

Lamda Awnings covers the whole of the UK nationwide, and we have access to teams across the country specially trained in installing our systems.


Do you offer customisation?

Lamda Awnings does offer bespoke customisation and printing on fabrics; contact us today to find out how we can help at info@lamdablinds.co.uk.


How much is an Awning?

Awnings can start from as little as £4000. However, there is much to consider when pricing your Awnings, such as sizes and any add-ons, like lighting and heating. Every quote is bespoke to the client’s needs.


Do I need planning permission for an Awning?

If you are installing an Awnings in your garden, you will not normally need planning permission. However, for all instances, it does depend on the surroundings and if your building is listed. Commercial Awnings customers should ensure they have full permission to have an Awning installation before ordering.


How long does it take to install an Awning?

An Awnings installation can take anywhere from 1-3 days, depending on the size, be sure to take this into consideration in your diary. On larger and more complex builds, installation can take up to 5 days. If purchasing a commercial Awnings, consider how this will affect your business and opening hours ahead of time.


Can people install awnings themselves? Does this affect any warranties?

Yes, you are welcome to install your product yourself. However, this will void any warranty with the product.


Are awnings bespoke to order?

Yes, all of our products are bespoke and made to order. We do not offer ready-made products. However, we are still able to offer competitive lead times thanks to our effective team.


What are your opening hours?

We are available to take your enquiries between 9 am-5 pm during the week and by appointment on Saturdays for all of your blinds, awning and canopy needs.


What days of the week do you install?

Thanks to our skilled and dedicated team of awning and canopy installers, we are flexible and open to installation on any day based on our client’s requirements.


Do you provide retrofit?

We do provide retrofit on our awnings and canopies and look forward to helping with your project.


What products do you not work with? Such as wooden canopies?

We do not work with internal blinds. However, traditional awnings we must be ordered from another supplier in the UK and can increase lead times.


Do you have nationwide installation teams, or do you have one dedicated team that travels?

We have a dedicated team who travel out to our clients to provide a high standard of customer and installation services.


What extras do you offer on your products? Such as lightning or blinds.

We provide many different products to enhance your awning and canopy experience, such as motors, remote controls, sun and wind sensors, heaters, support legs, and side curtains.


What is the current waiting time for an awning?

Our unit holds all of our components and many fabric types, so orders can be as fast as two weeks. We have all components and many fabrics in stock. If they choose something we already have, it shouldn’t take more than 10 days from order, sometimes less. Special fabrics may take longer. However, our specialist team can provide advice and recommendations based on your needs.


Do awnings and canopies add value to your home?

Yes, awnings and canopies add value to your home. They are luxurious pieces of outdoor living furniture which can create a nice outdoor living space, also adding more usable outdoor space.